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Thanks for stopping by, I welcome your comments and your post. This is my newest Book, “The High Calling of God / A Look at The Bride of Christ. This is a full length Biblical commentary about the doctrine of the Bride of Christ. The book can be found at Amazon.com as a Kindle or a print paperback book The Name of this Blog is Dennis The Menace Blog site, and the name says it all. My name is Dennis and I have pretty much been a Menace most of my life. You will notice from most of my writing that I enjoy humorous things and the bulk of my writings will display that. Hope you have a great time on the site and I will look forward to hearing from you. Dennis

Forward To The High Calling of God

It is an honor and privilege to be asked by the author of this book to write a brief forward. I have personally known the author for some fifty years. I count him as one of my dearest friends. I have found him to be a caring and compassionate pastor and a man who stands up boldly for the truth of God’s Word.

The subject he has chosen for this book should be of great importance to every believer, because it is of great importance to God. The New Testament Church will endure throughout all the ages as the Bride of Christ. In the Western culture the focus at weddings is always on the bride, but in Biblical times, and in the wedding planned by our Heavenly Father, the focus will be on the Groom, Jesus Christ and the Bride’s relationship to Him.

There are several unique things about this book. Having had the privilege of reading the manuscripts ahead of publication, I was first taken by the writer’s approach to the subject as only he could do. When I finished one chapter I anxiously awaited the next chapter to see what was to be revealed on the next page. Another unique thing about this book is the fact that it meets the need of the theologian, teacher, church member or your average reader. The writer proves to have a good grasp of his subject and Bible doctrine. This will help the pastor prepare messages, the teacher prepare lessons and the church member to be stronger in the faith.

Brother Dennis Wharton has proven himself as a faithful pastor and teacher. He has made some wonderful contributions to the Churches of California through Bible Seminars, Missions and Church Camp. I believe that this book, when properly read and studied, will prove one of his greatest contributions. He has the courage to stand and present the truth of God’s Word with zeal and compassion. Brother Wharton has suffered several serious health problems that have hindered him some physically, however, spiritually he remains strong in the service of the Lord.

A suggestion: As you read this book, you will be tempted to turn to the last chapters. DON’T do it! Read and absorb each line, paragraph and page before turning to the next. Be certain you have fed and digested each and every truth before you finally get to the dessert.

By His Grace: Pastor: Larry W. Crouch

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